This is a fireplace that I've bought for the extension we are planning to do on our house (once our council approval comes through, that is). It's going to be in the open plan living/dining area to create a focal point in the seating area. It came from Antiques Avignon (pictured above in the shop, a great source of lovely French chandeliers, fireplaces, furniture and objets), and is a French 18thC limestone number - I can't remember which Louis off the top of my head (and am too lazy to find where I wrote it down).

I am trying hard to not recreate a faux Frenchy feel, or a faux Victorian feel (the era of the original part of our house) rather an Orangery/ garden room feel and a mix of old and new. The fireplace will contrast well with the more modern aspects of the design, such as the steel windows, and the very minimalist detailing (such as skirting boards and kitchen) that I'm planning elsewhere. At least I hope it will be a successful mix.... Currently the fireplace is housed at my parent's house in one of their sheds, not such a glamorous resting place.

And on the subject of steel windows, I have so many pretty pictures to soon as I work out how to post from pinterest to the blog.


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