This is my oldest son's bedroom. Firstly, here is the before photo, from the real estate listing. The previous old lady owner had a lot of rooms set up as formal rooms - two sitting rooms, a dining room, a study and only two bedrooms in the main part of the house. We decided to turn the dining room into a bedroom, which is what it most likely was originally when the house was built. The room had a door out onto the veranda, but it was a very pedestrian late 60's/ early 70's builders issue timber framed door with an unbalanced highlight window at the top.

We stripped the wallpaper, painted the room white, installed the new carpet (excellent colour choice for children) and the door was replaced with properly proportioned French Doors. A Wardrobe was installed on one side of the fireplace. Eventually the other side will have a build in desk and bookshelves, but it isn't needed at the moment, so his teepee goes there instead. I also chose the light fitting as it throws fantastic shadows across the room at night. The curtains are a Schumacher fabric that will grow with him (he was 5 when we moved in).


  1. Heidi....I've just discovered that you have a blog! Had a quick look while children are doing French lessons yet must just say that your house is gorgeous! Love the before & after photos. You always make such wonderful's so nice to be introduced to your world! Rx

    1. Hi Romy, I can't believe you've found my blog! It's only been going for a few days as an experiment/ distraction, and I've been wondering who is actually viewing the pages and how they found them.... I'm feeling my way trying to work out how to post and add pictures, fairly unsuccessfully so far I think! But I've always loved to write, so I thought I'd give it a go, and find a little space outside family life. Thanks for being my first follower too xx

  2. Love it. Who knew there was another renovating Adelaide blogger? I just wish your photos were a bit bigger so I could have a better nosy. I shall enjoy your blog a lot. K (The Blog a House Built)

    1. Hi KAR, I'll definitely drop by your blog. I'll have a fiddle with the size of the photos....I really have no idea what I'm doing at the moment, and so some of the pics are turning up a little small x

  3. How lucky is your boy!!!

    Amazingly cute and stylish bedroom. Love it!!!


    1. Hi B, yes he is lucky, and fortunately he knows it as he used to share with his little sister before we moved! xx


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