Well. This has been a very difficult week. My mother's funeral was yesterday, and that's pretty much taken up  all my waking (and sleeping and insomnia non sleeping) thoughts. But rather than think about sad things, I'd prefer to think about the good things that have happened.

Firstly, our house is filled with flowers. We have been so lucky to have so many lovely friends send us bunches that I have literally run out of surfaces to put them on. Some came from my favourite florist in Adelaide - if you ever want to send some flowers, here are the florists I recommend:

Poppies flowers - mixed bunch of ranunculas, roses, ivy, sweet peas in my large alvar aalto vase

Adelaide Flower House - they did my wedding flowers 12 years ago, and people still talk about how beautiful they were. I ordered the flowers for mum's funeral from them - Connie did such a beautiful job with masses of pink roses and sweetpeas, lilac and hyacinth. This bunch were from some lovely friends. I should probably wrap a leaf around the stems in the vase, or something artistic like that, but I am a beginner blogger, so you'll just have to forgive me this oversight.

In some good news this week, our approval came through for our extension! Hooray! Now I'll do a few posts on our plans. I didn't want to jinx it and start posting things before the approval, but we're hoping to start demolition in January. 

Mr AV and I went out on Tuesday night to see the Australian Chamber Orchestra play. They had a baroque music program, which was lovely, and as it was the night before the funeral, it was better to be out and listening to beautiful music, rather than sitting at home and dreading the inevitable. We went out for a drink beforehand at Press in the city. It's all very cool there. Mr AV had a G&T with some fancy French Saffron infused gin. He is now on a mission to source some for himself.

I had a glass of champagne, served old school style. I have to say, while I like the look of these glasses, they are actually quite difficult to drink from. Or maybe that's just clumsy me?

The Town Hall - Adelaide's town hall is lovely, all very 19thC grandeur, although when we were in Melbourne we used to go to concerts frequently at the Melbourne Recital Centre, which is spectacular. Very modern, and perfect acoustics. We had nose bleed seats up the back, as I figure you don't need to see the faces of the players up close, and I'd prefer to save the ticket price difference for the babysitting money.

Mr AV loves to point out that we are the youngest people at concerts by around 20-30 years. The gap is slowly narrowing, but he is right - there is a lot of grey hair in the audience.

I found a few new cookbooks to add to the collection today. Hardcover Nigella's Christmas heavily reduced, and Karen Martini for a reasonable price. If you're in Adelaide, Dillon's bookstore on The Parade had a stack of the Nigella's, and at that price, you don't need to buy them from online.

Also I have a stack of mags to get through - the design ones from a lovely friend as a thank you for taking her to a concert a couple of weeks ago (Mr AV pulled out due to being interstate that day, so she was my backup attendee. This happens fairly frequently)

And lastly, I picked up some trim today for the long awaited cushions on the sofa in my bedroom. It has been cushionless since it arrived shortly after we moved in. Faux Fuchsia would be appalled. I'm a little nervous how the cushions will go, as the cushions in the Study are rarely found on the actual sofa, rather they are on the floor, and they are now looking a little the worse for wear. This is not caused by the children, but Mr AV. Hopefully I'll retrain him in time. The trim is a fluffy brush fringe from Designers Guild to edge the plain blue (it's been a bit squashed in transit, but it's not as deeply navy as it looks in the photo) and it's very lush feeling, and the other fabric looks a bit missoni-esque (but better) to me. I've just got to get it to the workroom now.... 


  1. What an inspired idea to drink champagne and listen to chamber music the night before your mum's funeral, I'm sure she would have thought that it was a brilliant idea and it must have bolstered your spirits for the next day. Those flowers are truly gorgeous and those cushions will be stunning! Rx

    1. Exactly right Romy, she would have indeed. Can't wait for the cushions - truly our house is the like the cobblers-children-without-shoes scenario. So many unfinished projects! x

  2. What a hard, hard week. Funerals are hard, it doesn't matter how ready you think you are - they hurt. I hope my call out for the return of the funeral veil had taken hold before you had to attend, sunnies just don't cut it.
    Press is great, I hope you've managed The Pot and Concubine since you've been back in SA, and MAPO is pretty amazing too. I could go on and on, we are spoilt for food here despite lacking mildly in some other insignificant areas.
    I don't know you at all, but I am thinking of you in this strange blogasphere of grief.
    K x (The Blog a House Built)

    1. Thank you K, you are very kind. Love The Pot, haven't been to Concubine yet, and haven't been to MAPO either.....thanks for the recommendations, I'll put them on the list - I love trying new places x

  3. Very sad to hear about your Mum.

    The Australian chamber orch is always lovely.

    The flowers are gorgeous.

    Good luck with the cushions xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks FF, always nice to have a few flowers around the house, and these are much nicer than the bunches I'd usually throw together! V. excited for the cushions, then I'll feel able to post a few pics of the bedroom....it looks very naked without the cushions! x

  4. Bon courage during these next weeks, months. Even though I just found your 'villa', I wanted to chime in with a few words of support. Stay strong, and excited to hear about the coming renovations...

    1. Thank you Liene, it's been so nice to have some support from online, which I really didn't expect as I'd only just started the blog. Will definitely do a few posts on the renovation, as it will make such a big change to the house. x

  5. What a beautiful way to spend such a strange, sad reflective evening. A fitting tribute I'm sure. I love the look of a champas saucer but also find it a challenge not to wear the drink. The flowers are beautiful as is that mirror. BUT what I love most of all is the sofa. The perfect shade of grey. Can you pls tell me about it? Jx

    1. Hi JMac, it's actually blue! The sofa is in Baker Lifestyle's "Padstow" which is a weave with navy/ white/ cornflower blue (very small) which has probably made it look greyer in the pic. It plays off well from the charcoal colours in the room. I'm not sure they did it in a grey colourway, think the only darker ones that they have are in more brown tones?

  6. Oh Heidi. You have remarkable composure to be able to blog at all in such circumstances. I am impressed. And happy that blogging has provided you with some comfort. J x

    1. it has - it's been a great distraction. And Mr AV was commenting that I'm spending a lot less time on internet shopping websites browsing, so I guess that's a win as well! x


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