Continuing on with the tear sheets unearthed recently in my tidying up, I thought this house was worthy of the effort of scanning and sharing.
pool house with kangaroo weather vane. Love the rhythm set up by the clerestory windows
This is from English House and Garden magazine, probably from before 1998 (yes, I've carried this one around me for that long!), and is a converted Mill in Dorset owned by James Fairfax (the Australian that was formerly proprietor of The Sydney Morning Herald etc).
From James Fairfax's bedroom, obviously a generous size
Oak panelling on the stairs, beautifully understated detailing
ticking striped guest bedroom (unfortunately it's looking wonky from my scanner). I love the red lamp bases and red ottoman

John Stefanidis, possibly one of my favourite Interior Decorators, did the redesign which was completed in 1993, and I think the interiors are an excellent example of timeless, fresh, clean design with pared back historic references underpinning all.

The breakfast room, I love the shaped backs of the slipcovered chairs and the square table
Drawing room on the first floor, the striped fabric is Pucci, special ordered from Florence
oak kitchen with large display of Clarice Cliff china on one shelf
John Stefanidis excells at producing comfortable looking interiors that are perfectly elegant. I particularly like his use of colour and natural materials to ground his schemes.

The garden was designed by Arabella Lennox-Boyd.

I must say, I was quite impressed with the fact that once I read the text accompanying the story I realised that this was decorated in 1993 - these interiors are 20 years old. Very few interiors can still look fresh after all that time. I have two of Stefanidis' books, one detailing his farm house (which is near to this mill, and the reason why James Fairfax commissioned him for this project), the other his holiday home in Greece. Both are absolutely lovely too.

What do you think about the Mill House?


  1. one of my favourite books is by John S and it is his own him in the country. The floors are gorgeous and the summer cushion covers and slips are heaven- will blog for you x

    1. "Living by Design" by any chance? That one is my favourite. He is very good I think. I've always thought because he is Greek and was brought up in Egypt before moving to the UK that he has a different way of looking at colour and light and space. Much more Australian in some ways. But the English Country style underneath it all, which I love. xx

  2. You must keep your tear outs in folders bc mine are all scrunched!

    This just proves good design is timeless. No time warp there...

    He is super talented though.

    I do also appreciate the different facets he has taken from each culture he has been exposed to.

    I can't wait for some more tear outs from the 90's! Xx

    1. They were all in files in the filing cupboard. The filing cupboard is a black hole. I actually hired one of those secure bins for document destruction and filled it. Things had gone in there over the 10+ years we were in Melbourne and had never come back out (like the power bills, dating back to 2000). I did throw out a lot of the tear sheets then.... many had not stood the test of time at all! xx

  3. Enjoying your tear sheet trip down memory lane....these rooms really are fresh and timeless 20 years down the track...except for the magazines on the ottomon! Love that pool house. Rx

    1. Yes, the magazines definitely give the game away. I showed it to my husband, and he thought the oak made it look 90's.... which is true, it was all about oak back then, but I think it's swung around again. The pool house is TDF. Would love that in my back garden! xx

  4. Yes I do like the Mill House though those heavy beams in the drawing room make me very uneasy. The garden with the wooden walkway and "temple" is stunning.

    I did have to look up clerestory , which sent me on another journey

    1. Beams have never really done it for me either - maybe it's something you have to grow up with or be around all the time to love? I pretty much don't like anything heavy over my head. I'm wondering where you went with funny! xx


      my journey re clerestory sent me here ,I love medieval carvings

  5. It is amazing how little these rooms have dated! My Mum has an Architectural Digest collection that goes back to the early 70s. One of my favourite things to do when I go home is pore over them examining which rooms have not dated and why. x

    1. They'd be very interesting to go through Emma.... I should have kept more of my mags, but as I've moved a few times, I've thrown them out, couldn't bear the thought of lugging a bunch of things around that I didn't look at frequently. I can only imagine though that the rooms from the 70's in Arch Digest probably do not look very current? xx

  6. I love the kitchen - it suits the house beautifully.

    Always something pretty to look at here Heidi!

    1. I just think everything suits the house so well. I love the detailing of the kitchen and the panelling on the stairs. As for pretty......well, I like to keep the blog pretty - as my house today is not (brick dust everywhere)!


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