In the blogging equivalent of a chain letter, I have been awarded the Liebster Award not once, but twice! Yay for the blog! Fortunately this award comes with a short set of questions and no warnings of certain death from Gypsy curses if I don't pass it on.... so I won't pass it on, as pretty much all small blogs that I like to read have already been the recipient. I think I'm around last on the list(s).

So firstly, thank you to the lovely Natalie from In the Night Sky, a blog about the renovation of her Melbourne home, who awarded me the Liebster a couple of months or so ago... I'm sorry, I sort of intended to do it, and then forgot, Natalie!

Secondly, the award was also given to me by Naomi, from Coulda Shoulda Woulda - based in London her blog is about her travel, love of Interiors magazines, and funny observations about fashion/ life in London/ random things. Naomi has just celebrated blogging for 6 months and is (I think crazily) giving away a Hermes scarf... surely one of the best giveaways ever. So after this prodding, here are my answers.

The questions....I'm using Naomi's, just because they're at hand

1. If you could look like anyone, who would it be?

I'm happy looking like me... I know that sounds odd, but I try very hard not to compare to supermodels or actresses or people with airbrushing or professional makeup people running around them. I'm not perfect by any stretch, but there are more important things in life to worry about.

2.What character from a book do you most identify with?

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I think everyone wants to be like Lizzy in character.  I think that's why the book has such enduring appeal (and has nothing to do with her marrying Mr Darcy of course)

3.What is your favourite flower?

Sweet Peas. They remind me of my childhood - I used to pick big bunches from the garden, my mother always grew them. I love the way they smell and their sweet ruffled petals.

4. If you could meet one person from the past, who would it be?

The pressure to pick one! Jane Digby maybe? I read a fascinating book "A Scandalous Life" about her years ago. But this is a slightly random response... If I really reflect I might think up someone else...

5. What would you talk about?

Her romances and her absolutely amazing travelling adventures at a time when women were very much under the thumb of men (their husbands/ family).

6. Have you ever won anything? If so, what was it?

Yes, a very expensive super duper German made shower in an industry (Architects) only competition. Unfortunately we had finished renovating our place in Melbourne, so I gave it to my parent's who were still doing their bathroom at the time.

7. Which bag would you choose between a Chanel 2.55 or a Hermes Kelly?

Hermes Kelly, although I'd probably not choose either of them if I were paying... we are so close to Asia that the shores of Australia are flooded with fakes of both, which I do find a little off-putting, especially if you're handing over in excess of $2500 plus for the privilege.

8. Which one event will forever remain etched in your memory?

Standing on the tube (London Underground) platform after my first day at the Inchbald School of Design and feeling deliriously happy that I'd finally found my niche.... I had loathed and detested every minute of my 5 year Architecture Degree at University. I remember looking down at the tracks and watching all the mice running around.

9. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one book, what would it be?

"A Pattern Language", an absolute design bible and classic, as I'd be needing to design a new civilisation on the island, and would want to get it right of course.

Otherwise if only stranded for a few months "The Cooks Companion" by Stephanie Alexander so that I could work out what to cook with the ingredients available on the island.

10. What made you finally write a blog?

Don't want to end on a downer, but it was the death of my Mother from Cancer last year. The blog gave me a bit of light relief and some unexpected support during a very difficult time.

So as I said, I'm not passing on the award, but thought I'd mention a few blogs I enjoy reading if you haven't already clicked on the links on my sidebar

In random order

The Lime Walk - written by sometimes Bowral resident Jenny, who is building a beautiful new home, and currently travelling through Europe to her house in France. She also has an absolutely amazing beach house on the NSW central coast, which I would happily live in full time.

Lovely Jublies, written by Z, a Perth Blogger who has an amazing shoe and dress collection/ habit and a very witty way of writing.

Diary of a Hobart Housewife - written by Tasmanian blogger Romy, who has currently packed her family up to live in the French Countryside for a term of school.

Jodie from About Last Weekend, is a New Zealander transplanted in California and documents her life there in a very entertaining way.

Fifi from Fifi's Fabulous Things a Brisbane based blogger who writes thoughtful posts on things she is liking at the moment, from clothes to food to music to books.

Laura from Elsee Blog, who has an adorable newborn daughter and is renovating her home in Sydney... and is a talented graphic designer.

And finally A Farmer's Wife from Life in the Country blog. Life on a large farm in Western Australia and the general happenings of day to day life in the country.

Oh, and nearly forgot one more of my favourites, and a new blog (only 3 months old) - Ruth from Clothing Fixations. A J. Crew addict and Sydney resident, Ruth writes about her wardrobe and life in Sydney.. with occasional references to her ability to read things like War and Peace in Russian... Fashion with Brains.

enjoy x


  1. I wil comment properly later because I have an appointment but thanks so much for accepting and also can I say I loooove the pattern language and was going to post but instead I think I might wait for you to do a lovely book report on it as I have packed the book The box for upcoming reno..xx

    1. I was thinking a while ago I might... it's such a great reference book, and when I re-read it recently it really resonated with me that a lot of what we liked about our house is set out in the book. Thanks again for the award!x

    2. I loved reading your answers and Jane Digby sounds like a my kind of girl - definitely putting it on my to read list. I have gotten quite a list from everyone's lists I must say. And all I had was Peanuts! I will definitely have a look at the blogs listed I am not familiar with. Thanks again for playing along! x

    3. She had a really interesting life. Definitely read the book about her if you get the time. It was fun to play along - thanks for the prod! xx

  2. I still love reading these things, I find them so more ish.
    My friend went to Inchbald - I always fancied it but didn't have the skills.

    1. I looooved my time there. Met some really interesting people too. I learnt more in those few months than I did in 5 years at Uni. Despite my life of poverty induced by an appalling exchange rate, and parents who thought it was a great experience for me to essentially live the starving (literally) student life it was a great time in my life. xx

  3. Nooooo! You were on my list of people to pass the award onto!

    Now I'll have to think of another person....

    Never mind! It's great to rad your answers. I love Sweet peas too, and your book choice for the desert island are excellent.

    1. Haha - you were on my original list too... but then I left it too late and Naomi picked you too, so after that I decided to just mention a couple of blogs.... and forgot yours!! Shall go back and edit you in! xx

    2. Haha! We're far too incenstuous in our blog world! I'll need to search further afield for new blogs to bestow the award on!
      Thanks for linking my blog! 'fashion with brains'. I like that!

  4. Thank you dear Heidi for the link to my blog!... and I was going to link back to yours... which I will ... it's lovely that our newish blogs can stand in solidarity together!! I have been looking at Inchbald website today... and noticed with my heart in my throat that there are online courses in design as well as garden design!.... I have always been such a poor student as I am sure I suffer from ADDHHHDDAADDHD in very large doses!! Perhaps I could manage four hours a week... You mentioned spending months there... what course did you do back then?

    1. I always love reading your blog posts Jenny! They started the online courses quite a long time after I went there. Back when I went the Internet was in its infancy, and most people I knew didn't have an email address even!! I did the three month Interior Design and Decoration Certificate. It was really good - the calibre of the lecturers couldn't be beaten - all experts in their area. THey packed a lot into quite a short space of time. xx

  5. I love sweet peas too. (And I love your blog....!)

    Take care Heidi.

  6. Congrats on the award...loved reading your answers to those questions... the only one I can answer off the top of my head is the Chanel...Kelly of course ..preloved brown croc please.

    Sweet peas remind me of my childhood do Snapdragons where have they disappeared to ?

    1. There were a few vintage crocodile handbags in one of the local auction rooms this week... not Hermes sadly!

      The cottage garden is not in favour at the moment - everyone wants green rows of things. Snapdragons do not conform I think! xx

  7. Enjoyed reading your answers! Agree with you about designer handbags and have to admit when I do see someone with one now, I assume it is fake given the number of fakes that make their way here (I work in an area where we keep an eye on these things so I'm super aware!).

    1. I remember having to remind myself back in The Olden Days when I went to London to live that the people carrying the bags had real ones. I became so immune to seeing them all over Adelaide and knowing that virtually no one had a real one, rather that they'd been on holiday to Bangkok. That was back before the Internet, and when Chanel had one store in Sydney only. The real thing was quite inaccessible compared to the fakes xx

  8. Thank you so much for linking my blog. Another blogger has given me this award shortly after having my baby, so I really need to get onto answering the questions!! tick tock!

    1. Took me a while to answer too Laura! I think you have a much better excuse than me too! Hope all is well with little Audrey xx

  9. you are wonderful!

    so glad we followed the link from Naomi in London back to down under


    as we're in Los Angeles, is it still called "down under" as it was when we were an english schoolgirl in eastbourne


    whatever (as the young people say)

    your words are lovely.

    and thank you for the introduction to Jane - quelle incredible woman.

    1. Hi teamgloria - thanks for popping in, you've made me laugh! Do check out the biography if you ever can - such an interesting and unconventional life Jane had xx

  10. Interesting to read your detailed answers. It must have been such a relief to finally find your niche. Sweet peas instantly remind me of childhood too but they seem to have lost their popularity these days. I must check out your blog recommendations

    1. Oh it was a relief Miss B - My degree was a trial for a number of reasons which I might detail in a blog post one day... more about Architecture in general as a profession as well. I only see sweet peas briefly in the shops. I think they're so lovely, but no one seems to grow them in their gardens anymore. Such a shame! xx

  11. I really like your blog.. thanks to Naomi I just discovered your blog. I am following you now!!!

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for dropping in and following xx

  12. What a great post and I really enjoyed reading your answers, especially your memory from the London tube platform.

    Thanks so much for listing my little blog on your list.

    The other blogs you listed are fabulous -The photographs on the Lime Walk blog are gorgeous.



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