Last night, my post on Australia Day generated an outraged anonymous comment that I was "racist" and "ignorant" because I wrote that "Australia was settled by the English". I printed and responded to the comment so that there could be no confusion about this (just in case someone else thought the same thing). Mainly, what had me puzzled about that comment was that Australia was in fact settled by the English - it is even written in Mabo for goodness sake (a major High Court finding on Aboriginal rights - here is a link to it in which it states the same in exactly the same language I used). Just in order that I not offend anyone I went back and inserted the word "modern" into the sentence. But perhaps Anonymous might like to take it up with the High Court of Australia if they feel so strongly about this matter.....

But putting that aside, I felt I would address the wider issue of some of the anonymous and rude comments I have received lately. Some I have printed, and then regretted printing as I like to keep the blog a happy place. Others I have responded to, and others I have deleted. It seems that blogging and rude comments go hand in hand. This is not a blog that makes me money, I write it because I enjoy writing, I enjoy the interaction in the comments with readers, and I like sharing my professional knowledge about Architecture and Interiors. I have had all sorts of accusations levelled at me - that I am a bad mother because I don't write positively about my children (which is odd, because I try hard not to write about them at all to protect their privacy), that I am designer labelled obsessed because I have mentioned a wallpaper brand (which is entirely laughable to me. If I mention a paint colour brand name does that make me designer label obsessed too?), that I should stop spending money on my home and clothing and give my money to Charity instead (because clearly I don't give my time or money to charity if I haven't written about it), to accusations of receiving money for writing about boutique Australian clothing brands even after writing that they are not sponsored posts (also hilarious as this is a blog with small readership).

So, to the person/ people who are writing these comments, I would suggest the following. If you have something to say, phrase it in a polite manner and I will print it and respond to it. If you write an abrupt, rude or accusatory comment directed toward me, the post I have written or at another commenter I will not be printing it. I would ask that you give me some latitude if you feel that I have been incorrect in something I have written. I am fine with criticism, and will correct something or take a valid opposing view point if it is written politely - I enjoy a bit of a debate and like hearing other people's point of view. But there is no room for rudeness in the way that you write things. So, apologies to those readers who have been upset with the comments that I have allowed to be posted up till now, and from now on those who write rude comments will not be seeing a response.

I've turned comments off on this post.

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