Front door surround
 I thought I'd show another before and after of our house. This time the hall. The hall originally was carpeted (in a dull green), and had three different light fittings down it, two which were passable, and one heinously ugly. It had floral wallpaper and extensive water damage to the ceiling, which had also affected the arch, causing the keystone on one side to drop off at some point. Unfortunately, there were no professional photos for the real estate listing, and when we next went to Adelaide to view the house after buying it, the builder was already in and demolishing, so here is what I have:

Wallpaper, passable lightfittings in the back part of the hall

Work in progress, ugly light fitting in the entry part

The first part of the hall, from the front door to the arch, is wider than the second part. Obviously, you're somewhat limited by what you can do furniture wise, but in this entry part we put a serpantine front George 3rd tea table (wedding gift from my Aunt and Uncle) and a large iron mirror over it. I chose the mirror for the sale of our last house, but the iron works well with the glass inserts around the front door (they are quite unusual in that they are not stained glass which is more typical for the era of the house) so the mirror fits quite nicely here. We put in new hardwood floorboards (brushbox) as the original were baltic pine which I don't think wear well in high traffic areas, and put in new iron lanterns (large version in the entry, two smaller ones in the hall) that complement the iron mirror and windows.

entry looking toward the front door, sorry the lantern tends to twist in the breeze when the door is opened,  I'm sure it's bugging some readers...
View toward the back door
I also had a rug custom made that is out of antique kilims that are cut up and stitched back together. There were no rugs off the shelf that would fit the space, and I quite liked that the rug was made of a very traditional looking item that was put together in a more modern way. The art on the walls is mostly family black and white photos that I've had professionally taken of the children over the years (mostly every 2 years) and framed the same way. We also have a Jeffrey Riccardo print that is in the entry. Eventually, I'd love to have a lot more art, but I'm happy to live with blank walls in the meantime while I wait for the right thing.

view from the back door looking to the front door
I may still one day wallpaper the hall, but I quite like that this will all flow through to the back extension, bouncing the light around. Also, the rooms off the hall have quite a bit of colour/ fabric going on, so it's nice to have a somewhat more neutral space to balance. The one thing that I'm not so happy about is the return air grills for the air conditioning that are in the front entry. I really dislike them, but unfortunately, there is no other solution (other than having no air conditioning, which would be horrible in Adelaide, as we get very hot Summers). So, not the most exciting space, and not exactly radical on the decoration front, but it has a warm feel to it and now makes for a nice welcome to the house.


  1. Ok, you have just convinced me to enclose the front sitting room and have a hallway run the full length of the house to the back extension. This is absolutely stunning, you have immaculate taste and I can't wait to see the rest of your place. I also hope you're travelling ok with everything else going on. Kx (The Blog a House Built)

    1. Hi H, do you mind me asking which polish you went for? Satin, high gloss or low gloss? I need to make some serious decisions, stat. Kx

    2. Hi K, it was satin. Traditionally, you used Tung oil, which is not that glossy. I have always found high gloss floors look dirty and show dust really easily, and the scratches that occur naturally over time show up more as well. I think the gloss level is perfect - bounces enough light around to look polished, without showing the dirt etc so easily. H x

    3. Thanks Heidi, you're a life saver. Kx

  2. I LOVE a hallway. Symmetry really agrees with me. The rug is beautiful, it's all working well together. Thanks for the snoop!

  3. I love the fresh feel to the space, the stained glass reminds me of a spider's web- in a good way!

  4. Heidi the hallway looks stunning. The rug is gorgeous too - beautiful colours, Fifi x

  5. Popped over from KAR's blog. Stunning entry! x KL

  6. Thank you everyone for you lovely comments. I wasn't sure that it was the most interesting space to post...I'm working up to the other rooms which I'll put up in the next few weeks. xx

  7. Just stunning, Heidi. You have immaculate taste. What a vast improvement on what you inherited - bravo! J x


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