The offending swing tags

 I touched on my realisation a few posts ago that I may, in fact, be slightly obsessed with Liberty print fabrics. Not for me, I hasten to add, but for my 4 year old Daughter, E, although it was a close call the other day in Jigsaw (I was gravitating toward the pretty sleeveless blouses they've made in "Edenham" lawn, when I realised that the reason that I was attracted to it was that E. already had two blouses in different colourways in the same print).

Liberty Department store dressed up in "Betsy" fabric in 2009 

I'm sure most people know about the Liberty Department store in Regent Street, London. They began manufacturing their Liberty print fabrics - small scale, mostly floral prints in 1904. Liberty print fabric is big again, with this years obsession with floral prints. Barbour have released a range with Liberty print lining the collar and cuffs of their jackets, and Jigsaw in Australia have quite a large range of shirts, dresses and shoes this season.

Jigsaw blouse in Edenham

Despite my deep love of Liberty print, I find myself unable to wear it as an adult. Too twee perhaps? I don't mind it on others, but perhaps wearing so many liberty print smocked dresses that my mother used to sew me as a child leaves me with the connotation of playing dress ups in reverse.

"Mirabelle", daughter E's tee and skirt
That top isn't quite so fluorescent in person....I had to buy the matching shorts as well, just to maximise outfit potential
dress bought next size up for next year.....think it's in "Claudine"

But that has meant that if I see a Liberty Print swing tag hanging from a dress in a children's shop, I have very little resistance to it. When I was in London in March, I popped into Liberty and found a little mini suitcase for E. She keeps her favourite doll Lulu's clothes in it.

Lulu the doll with her "Hera" suitcase full of dolls clothes

And I hate to admit it, but there is more. Lots more, I just didn't want to bore you all with too many static images of outfits for a 4 year old. So while E is into dresses and skirts, and all things pretty, I'll run with my addiction (I have been told this phase will pass far too quickly), and I'll dress vicariously through her.


  1. Great blog Heidi. I feel the same about liberty. Love it, can't wear it myself but feel lucky to have the smocked frocks Mum whipped up for me handed down for my daughter to wear. I like liberty stationary too and love how mum always has a liberty handkerchief in her bag. Your house is beautiful, look forward to seeing more of it. I'm sorry about your Mum and hope you are all bearing up. Jx

    1. J, you are lucky to have the dresses still. I think mine were handed down to my cousins, so none for E to wear now - I would have loved to have them. Thank you for your kind words x

  2. Oh Heidi, I'm a Liberty addict as well. Using them to make my Planet Joy creations gives me such pleasure. But I, too, have memories of my Mum wearing her Liberty shirts for years until I was so sick of them! J x

    1. I have my eye on a couple of your Liberty pretties Jane! And actually, I spotted a dress (for me) the other day that was one of the Liberty Prints above but blown up extra might work as a mother/daughter matching look. I'm going to go back to the shop when I have a moment and try it on....I really can't resist! x


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