I have finished reading "Bring up the Bodies" by Hillary Mantell. Poor old Anne Boleyn really did have a terrible end. I've also been rereading my favourite gardening books. "Paul Bangay's Guide to Plants", "Rural Australian Gardens" and "David Austin's Roses".

I've been baking like a woman possessed (it's the school holidays here, so I've been feeding other people and their children as well), and baked two batches of these fairy cakes. I think some people also call them butterfly cakes. I use my favourite Nigella Lawson Vanilla Cupcake recipe, cut the centre out and fill them with a half teaspoon of strawberry jam and some whipped cream. Cut the hole part into two, position on top like fairy wings and dust with icing sugar. They're actually really easy and completely delicious, but for some reason everyone thinks you've made a big effort.

I've been cleaning and sorting out clothes with the change in season for me and the children. It's made me realise that I have a bit of an addiction to Liberty Print (for my 4 year old daughter).

I've been gardening, trying to win the war against the thistles that are rampant in our garden. Unfortunately until we do our extension on the house, it's really just a question of management, rather than eradication. Aside from that, I've moved plants to other parts of the garden, and I've struck off 40 cuttings. Fingers crossed they take. My Father has predicted certain death for around 80% of them. He seems to think that I need a heat mat and fancy propogation box set up. Apparently using hormone gel on the end of the cutting, planting and hoping for the best is unlikely to bring success. If they do take, I estimate I'll have saved $600 in plants. Here's hoping.


  1. I have whiled away a lot of time with Paul and David with mixed results in my own garden! I love their work. Also love a good fairy cake and a little girl in Liberty. I wish you luck with your plant propagation.....I've now pared the whole process back to actually sticking buxus sempivirens cuttings in exactly where I would like a hedge to materialise and my success rate has been quite good. I gave you a shout out on my blog tonight! Rx

    1. Romy, you are too, too kind. Thank you so much for the mention on your blog. Propagation results are so far mixed. A hot day yesterday and watering them a little late means that I've lost a few lambs ears (although I wasn't sure they'd take in the first place, so no great loss). Hopefully the others survive....certainly they'll be tough!

  2. Ms Hobart Housewife just told me (or rather, her readers) about your new blog. Congratulations! I'm thrilled you've started and shall be an avid follower.
    Will be particularly interested in your home and garden, as I know how beautiful your taste is. (Those pots are already looking promising Heide!) Now looking forward to re-reading your previous notes.


    1. Hello Janelle, Thank you for finding me! I'm afraid my blog is fairly basic at the moment, I'm still trying to work out how to post things, let alone the horribly poor design layout I've managed so far! Hopefully I'll improve. xx

  3. Hi Heidi! I've also come over from Hobart Housewife. Great start, I look forward to reading more about redoing that fantastic looking home!

    1. Hi Liene, thank you so much for coming over, and for your lovely comment. xx

  4. Lovely new blog - how could I not pop over to a fellow 'villa' blogger? Of course mine's missing both a regular blogger and villa but never mind!

    What an incredible home you have - I can see why it won over Albert Park - fantastic as that area is. I share your love of Paul Bangay's book - mine is full of sticky notes on the plants I'll have one day! Can't plant trees in one's rental... frowned upon apparently.

    Good luck with those cuttings. Will cross my brown thumbs for you. A x

  5. Hello Ann, thank you for finding me. Houses in Adelaide are definitely superior to ones in Melbourne for a number of reasons, mostly being 0's on the end of the price tag! I definitely need all thumbs crossed for my cuttings....my father's predictions are looking apt at present. Will definitely drop your by your blog too. xx

  6. I read Paul Bangay's Guide to Plants the other day and learned a lot of things from it. Thank you for the recommendation!!!

    Do any of his books go into the planning, as in how to lay out the plants etc?


    1. Hi B, yes they do, maybe look at his "Garden Design Handbook", and his "Boxed Garden" is good as it is about courtyard design (which suits most entries to houses). xx


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