Well, my giveaway of the cookbook After Dinner Mints for Breakfast was a staggering success. I am overwhelmed that only 8 of you, yes, that's right - 8 people entered!! Maybe everyone is all giveawayed out at the moment, there are a lot around on other blogs at the moment. I also can't pretend that I promoted it terribly heavily. So that meant that if you did indeed enter, you had a very high chance of success. I used random number generator, and it picked comment number 1 - Faux Fuchsia. Now, I did decide to bend my rules somewhat - Faux Fuchsia and Janelle are not actually followers, however they comment all the time and have my blog on their blogrolls, so I figured it didn't matter a huge amount.

Faux Fuchsia, I think you'll have a great time with this cookbook - knowing your love of cooking it's definitely going to a deserving home.

Now, I'm going to pad out this tiny blog post with a few gratuitous shots of my garden.

This is "Giant Sea Holly"

Buddleia with bee flying in

David Austin's "Claire Austin"

David Austin's "Graham Thomas"

Oak leaf Hydrangea

Salvia's and Ecchium
School finishes for the year tomorrow at lunchtime. I'm hoping I'll be back tomorrow night with a before and after, but I'm not promising!


  1. 1. I am THRILLED!! Thrilled I tell you!

    2. thankyou!

    3. Hooray!

    4. I don't know how to follow! But if you're on my roll I promise I read you whenever you post

    5. Salvia's are the best

    6. I wish my garden was sunny not 100% shade. Bugger.


    1. Don't wish for the sun - everything is looking fairly wilty in mine at the moment! Hope you enjoy the cookbook xx ps all you have to do to follow a blog is to click on the follow button in the sidebar- you already have a blogger account, so it's very easy!! But I don't mind anyway, because I know you read along! x

  2. It's always a little disappointing when a giveaway doesn't go as planned! If it helps, I'm having a giveaway at the moment where entries are only slowly coming along :) I'm in love with your garden by the way; dreaming of the day my house is finished so I can start on my own xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

    1. Anna, I will be along to your blog to have a little look and enter your giveaway. The garden is very much in its infancy - tight photos are my friend! I keep throwing fertiliser around and telling it to grow. xx

  3. Such a pretty garden you have. Haven't been able to grow Sea Holly with any success. Supposed to be a hardy plant, but mine wasn't paying attention. Your plants are obviously much better behaved, for you obviously have the proverbial Green Thumb.

    And I spy an Aalto vase with them there roses in it? Very tasty.

    Have just been down to your neck of the woods over the weekend for a wedding - Adelaide is looking splendid with all the Jacarandas in full bloom. So gorgeous and SO Christmassy. xx

    1. I wonder if you were at the same wedding my cousin went to? Adelaide is small enough that it could well have been.....! Love the Aalto vases - they make all flowers look fabulous. The sea Holly is surviving well... my husband thinks its a weed though and keeps asking if I'm going to pull it out soon!! xx

  4. Gorgeous, I hope it still looks like that at the end of the week - my lime tree is seriously trying to suicide out there. Kx (The Blog a House Built)

    1. My box topiaries on either side of the front door have just died back in large areas. Basically ruined. It took 17 years to grow them to that size, so I'm sad every time I walk in the door at the moment!! The garden does tend to look fairly wilted in the heat by the end of the day. Thank God we have no water restrictions (although I'm not sure I'm going to be too thrilled with the water bill in the next quarter). xx

  5. Like Miss FF, I'm also a bit vague as to how to 'follow' Heidi. I've tried it with several blogs, but it just never works.
    But I do have you on my blog, so hope that's sufficient adoration!
    And I pop in all the time - love the garden posts the most.


    PS Have just read about your box topiaries. We don't have topiaries but we have LOTS of mature, beautifully clipped English boxes in pots, which I brought over to this new house from the large garden, so I'll see what I can do about getting a couple over to you.

    1. That's why I included you in the comment list! I don't mind as being on your blogroll is definitely adoration enough! That is very kind indeed of you to give away your box's - do you know how much they are? I priced them at the Conservatory at $998. Weep. It may be too hard to get them to Adelaide though, although I would indeed be a very grateful recipient! xx


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