I've been working on both the Laundry and Kitchen plans for the upcoming renovation. While I'm not under any pressure at the moment from the Joiner, I've been trying to finesse the layout and choose the finishes, and work out the finalised layout for the cabinetry.

Unfortunately, it's taken this long to get to this point because Mr AV seems to think that he is allowed to have a say in the design of the kitchen. I know, Unbelievable. Firstly, he doesn't cook, and secondly, I'm the Architect, not him. Anyway, we've come to an understanding (he seems to have given up), so things have moved along a little in the past week.

Firstly, here are the finishes I'm thinking of for the kitchen. I've got a mountain of samples at the moment, as I've had Reps visiting and I've ordered in all sorts of things. The colour palette is in warm greys and creamy toned whites. There will be stainless steel ovens, a built in (concealed) fridge and freezer, and an underbench mounted stainless steel double sink.

Firstly, the blackish background is the Marmoleum (linoleum) which I've chosen for the floor throughout the renovation. It's from a new range by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. He apparently mixed a lot of pigments together, and ended up with a blackish colour (no surprise there!). The thing that is probably not apparent is that it does have a little bit of movement in it - it's not a flat matt colour. Hopefully this will make it a good backdrop to the spaces it's in. Some of the other linoleums were a little bit too perfect and dull looking for such a large area. It also goes well with the slate, which will be at the thresholds on the french doors, and outside as paving on the veranda and outdoor dining area.

The laminate I'm thinking of using is an Italian one, and is in a whitewashed/ greyish timber grain, the very small sample shown above. It is textured, rather than flat and I'm thinking I'll lay it on the horizonal with the grain. The cupboard doors will be plain (no decorative routing).

The benchtop is still slightly undecided. I like the dark one in the photo above, but I worry the whole thing will look too dark with the dark floors and cupboards. I'm not planning to have overhead cupboards at all, so above the benchtop will be benchtop to ceiling tiling in a handthrown wavy subway tile in a creamy white. Option B is a white marble with grey veining below. Both of these benchtops are composite stone products that look like marble. I don't like real marble in kitchens - I'm just not able to keep it immaculate as it's a family kitchen, and as I like to cook and not worry about spots of lemon juice, this is the best choice for my family. The new composite stones are actually looking really good now, so I'm quite comfortable with this as an option.

Here's a photo of the sketched out plan for the kitchen, it's in pencil so it doesn't show up that well. The reason why it's so drawn over again and again is because of the arguing with Mr AV.  Some of that is his handiwork. I'm going to draw up a proper one tonight (hopefully).

And this is an sketch elevation of the wall looking out of the two big steel windows, with the two ovens and the stainless steel rangehood, and the wall covered in the wavy subway tile above the lower bench level.

The central square island in the plan I'm going to make look like a table at bench height. It can be another prep surface, or somewhere to eat breakfast, or have a glass of wine while cooking etc. It will have a simple leg detail, and three of these light fittings hanging over it at different heights in a cluster - they look like mouthblown glass, slightly bubble like and opalescent and imperfect. Light source

I'm trying to achieve quite a modern, pared back look, but that still references the traditional front of our house. I'm also pushing myself a little, as I've been a white kitchen lover since childhood (my mother always had a white kitchen). I have to admit I'm slightly nervous about the grey because of this, but I think it will look good, so fingers crossed.....

Next post on the kitchen, I'll hopefully have better plans to show, and I'll discuss the appliances I've chosen, handles and other things I didn't get to in this mini post! With school holidays finally at an end this week, I've got two days a week with none of my little darlings around to finally get a move on with some of the detail work that needs blocks of time (in hours, rather than minutes) and push along the project.


  1. love the design. The lights are beautiful. Please tell me where you can get them from.

    Thanks Paula

    1. Hi Paula, sorry I didn't put a source, I will go back and correct it in the post. They are from here http://gineicointeriors.com/bolla/ They're from a Sydney importer - it's an Italian fitting. xx

  2. I am sure it will be fantastic when it's done!

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence Deanne! xx

  3. Dear Heidi

    Looks as though it will be great, stylish and very practical too! Personally I would go for the lighter bench top as think it would be a lighter, fresher look. Love the lighter marble (composite) sample with the grey veining - really beautiful. Though from the pics the background colour looks slightly different from your subway tile sample so not sure how these would work together.
    We have bone (coloured) Corian benchtops which are a dream to clean and are slightly more forgiving when husbands are a bit heavy handed with the china and crystal.

    I'm sure it will be beautiful whatever you choose. Will follow with interest. I enjoyed designing our kitchen - though didn't do final drawings and plans as kitchen designer did these.

    Best wishes, Pamela

    1. I'm thinking lighter too Pamela - I'll have to find a whiter wall tile (should be relatively easy) or a different benchtop. The other benchtop samples were too yellowy creamy for my liking, so I'm thinking I'll swap over the benchtop samples instead. I've looked at Marblo (same as Corian), and I love it as a material. I'm feeling envious someone else did your plans - I really don't like drafting! xx

  4. Looks fantastic! You are very talented.

  5. Love the lights in particular. (Actually I love the whole lot...)

    Composite stone is fab, we had it in our last house. I totally agree re marble and the whole red wine/lemon juice etc palaver. It may be gorgeous but what's the point if you can't relax and use it as a benchtop!?

    Good luck.

    1. I've had the lights bookmarked for 2 years! The latest Vogue Living had them used twice in different houses (which I found slightly off putting, but I'll get over it!)

      I know someone who ended up getting a slab of glass cut to go over their marble island bench due to the red wine thing.... seemed slightly silly to me! xx

  6. First, love it all. It is going to be amazing, can't wait to see it progress.

    Secondly, husbands are ridiculous. They need to stay out of things they no nothing about.

    Thirdly, I have the composite stone faux "marble" bench top and I love, love, love it. Eveyone that has been here has thought it was real marble. I went for a colour with a little brown through it as everything is Antique White USA. Let me know if you want a photo. Kx

    1. Would love a photo K!! Haven't seen your kitchen since your sneaky peak - what brand of faux marble did you use? I'm looking at the Designer Finishes range at the moment, but would love some other options. Good to know it fools everyone too. The early versions weren't great, but I think the new ones are doing a very good imitation now.

      Agree re husbands. People say to me how wonderful it must be to design for myself, but unfortunately I still have a client. xx

  7. I love renovation projects! - I am doing one this year as well and am in the initial stages...cant wait to see the progress


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