On the weekend I was in Melbourne, and made a pit-stop in Hermes to see the new store. They've recently moved a short distance down the block from their old Collins Street address to Harley House, into the ground floor space that previously housed a National Australia Bank branch, in a building that was originally built for Medical rooms (hence the name). It is a much larger space with beautiful classical features. It fits with the new store aesthetic very nicely.

I was interested in looking in for a few reasons - one is that I like to see new retail design in general (you can often find interesting details that work in a domestic setting), but I was also interested because Hermes had used some of their in house Artisans to produce some of the detailing specifically for the store.

Window display

Unfortunately, I forgot my phone, and therefore my camera. But I've found a few shots on Instagram that show some of the things I found interesting via Karin Upton Baker (Hermes Australia Managing Director).

Firstly, there was this balustrade detail - the handrail is finished in taupe (Etoupe) pebble grained leather wrapped around, invisibly seamed, and topstitched. It's so simple and minimalist, but textural and luxe at the same time. The end point is finished in a polished round of timber (not seen in the photo above). This would translate beautifully into a modern home interior. I'm not sure that you'd actually want Hermes to produce it for you, it could well end up costing as much as a renovation I'd suspect, but a local furniture maker or joinery company could well produce a similar aesthetic.

one of the arched windows at the top

The other detail that made the space was on the upper level (it is two storeys, with Scarfs, Equestrian and Menswear on the Ground, and Women's clothing, leather goods and china/ home wares on the first floor). The upper level has beautiful arched windows, part of the original Architecture of the building,  that give very much a light filled atelier type feel. They really highlight how important Architectural detail is. You can find the tricked up Interiors in a mall-bound store interesting to some extent, but they suffer from lack of detail and authenticity in the end- they definitely have the sense of the manufactured and temporary, and suffer from a lack of natural light (which is a constant problem in Mall design in my opinion).

The flooring was also of note - at first glance it looks original. It's mosaic in a pale green and creamy stone tones, however the Hermes logo is the give-away that it was done new for the store refit. The central logo is in micro mosaic.

Aside from the Architectural interest of the new store, they had released some of the new scarf designs for Autumn/ Winter 2014. Having written a post recently on the use of scarfs as Art when framed in a home, several of the new designs struck me as being particularly suited to this. They weren't quite so geometrically attuned for tying alone, so I think would translate quite well with framing. The colour ways would look particularly good if you're looking for some colour in your interior.

First is Cheval Fusion, shown here in the orange or pink colour ways.

Then Zebra Pegasus could look good either in the more colourful or restrained colour palettes.

It reminds me a little of the Scalamandre Zebra wallpaper that is so popular and that has graced Guest Loos and Bathrooms the world over.

Le Bal des Oiseaux would also look good. Black backgrounds are always very striking.

Lots of Design inspiration in one little store, and definitely worth a browse if you're in Melbourne any time soon.

All scarf images via


  1. It looks beautiful, there is only one on Scotland, in Glasgow, it's in a department store and never allow me to take pics. I do love that wallpaper, wish I could source it here.

    Yes, your floors were wonderful in the dream, I was oohing and aching over them!

    1. I'm actually not sure if they would let me take pics either, even if I had remembered my phone… so many stores won't anymore. Surely you could get Scalamandre in Chelsea Harbour? The colours are so rich they'd look wonderful in Scottish Interiors.
      So funny re your dream - your subconscious must be telling you you need Lino! x

    2. Getting scalsmandrein the uk is posdible but a pain bc of some administrstive issue. I looked into it last year and was a strained process.

    3. How weird… I seem to remember it was easily available back in The Olden Days when I worked there…. well, if you like, I can take orders and bring a suitcase of it with me if I come over next year! We can rendezvous in the Claridges bar.

  2. beautiful! Love the floor especially! I am a sucker for a mosaic floor - so elegant. Thanks for the tour!

    1. There's something so lovely about mosaic floors Wendy - I also love the pebbled sort of mosaics done outdoors too. x

  3. I follow her on IG too. But I can't recall these images bc they sometimes don't always come through depsite following. I love the leather handle details and the mosaic details. I think I know where the location must be if it was the old NAB! Hermes is really upping their home department so am super interested in their fit outs. The scarves look amazing and they really suit the framing idea - that color zebra particularly. I wonder if that cheval fusion is a dmitri design? I love him. probably more than annie faivre.I am off to google the new collection and more images of the store now xx

    1. The leather handle was so beautiful - felt amazing to the touch. Mr AV noticed it first, which says something!! You'd know it - corner building opposite the old Le Louvre. They've got a Kermit Oliver in the new collection too N. But I'm not such a fan of his designs - too photo realistic for my tastes. x

  4. Last week in Kmart they had big canvases which had a zebra's head and neck on a bright yellow background. Was wondering where they got inspiration and now I know. Hermes! The canvas are very striking. Incidentally, I was in Kmart (sydney) as they have the most wonderful staff in the photography/ printing section and they took so much time to put on canvas a photo of my late mum and dad at our wedding ( 22years ago). The manager and the staff member took over 1/2 an hour getting photo and colour correct. Den

    1. The chain stores are really so on trend now Den - how interesting that Kmart had Zebras!! Hermes has a couple of designs with Zebras on them at the moment.
      That's so nice they took such time and care with the photograph for you, so rare to find good service these days (especially in the photo sections where they just encourage you to do the self serve kiosks all the time). Sounds like a wonderful memento of your parents to have x

    2. Love that blogs and globalization mean that I can read your blog and comment on your theme and then find a photo of the canvas I was talking about on another blog. You are in Adelaide, I'm in Sydney and I saw the striking zebra canvas in another blog, although don't know which state of Australia that blogger lives in. Zebra degrees of separation.... Den x

  5. I love that paper horse or is it Pegasus in the second photo, that I would like to have.

    I remember reading an article ages ago about someone well known who said she had worked in the Herrnes shop and it always smelt of Caleche, wouldn't that be lovely though those days are long gone ..this of course will drive me crazy till I remember who,what, where, when

  6. Hermes are so clever the way they're now selecting such interesting architectural sites for their stores and then making innovative use of the old buildings and their interior space. The new Melbourne store looks wonderful (remember the old one was really small and quite ordinary architecturally). Love the arched windows, the mosaic flooring you've shown and the balustrade details, particularly the stitching on the right angle. Their Left Bank store in the old swimming pool in Paris is a marvel.
    The scarves are all beautiful, but I especially liked the pink and orange chevaux and both colourways of the birds. So far have never framed any as I love to wear them but have seen in magazines images of fantastic rooms with walls of Hermes scarves. Which one(s) did you buy or were you strong?
    Today resurrected an old Gianni Versace scarf I bought in New York about 14-15 years ago. Very bold colours red, yellow, bright green and purple geometric. Sounds a bit dreaders but really like it and it felt so nice on such a cold winters day. Provided you look after them, designer silk scarves are there for the long haul of all the years to brighten up our days! On second thoughts, not sure about putting on the walls, might get a bit bored with seeing the same design every day for years, specially the bold zebra scarves. Would probably have to rotate and change them frequently. Maybe the bird pattern might last longer as it's more subtle. Pammie xx


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