I have never owned a Barbie doll.

Not one.

This was because my Mother was of the mind set that Barbie was a bad role model, portraying unrealistic ideals of feminine perfection (it was the late 70's and early 80's). Funnily enough, despite my Mother's reservations about Barbie's lack of positive career role modelling, she has had every one of the careers that my Mother's three daughters have all grown up to have - Engineer, Architect and Vet. And at last count Barbie has had over 200 different careers, which is far better than any of us.

In London

Of course banning her just left me craving Barbie dolls as a child, and I'd play with them obsessively when let loose with a friend's collection - especially all those tiny plastic shoes. Now with a daughter of my own, I have taken a more relaxed approach to Barbie's physical perfection and I'm fairly ambivalent  - my daughter has one or two Barbies given to her by friends, but is at any rate more interested in dressing up her bigger dolls.


So while I feel no inclination to purchase a Barbie doll of my own now as an adult, I do, however, find myself hankering after her Wardrobe. Forget the Fashion Insta bloggers - I've been following Barbie Style. Barbie sports the latest looks from all the big name designers, including perfectly accessorised shoes and bags, and of course never has to suffer the horror of a Bad Hair Day. She also seems to jet off to all the major Fashion Weeks, regularly attends Gala Balls and generally seems to have a far better life than anyone else I follow on Instagram.


But aside from any inspiration Barbie's high fashion style might afford, I came across this recently released ad, which I loved so much I thought I'd post it here. It perfectly captures the big world view of possibilities ahead for a child without the cynicism of the adult projected on it.

It's time for a reminder of the children's story The Emperor's New Clothes. This is because I suspect that many of the adults out there on the internet have forgotten, or have never read, this life-lesson story of blindly following the pack and being hoodwinked in the process.

 You'll need two of them for your kid's room

Up there with the myth that a $4,500 handbag will miraculously elevate your $20 chain store polyester dress and plastic shoes to couture level, is the parallel myth in the Interiors world that the Hermes Avalon blanket will imbue your Ikea sofa, cheap coffee and side tables, and shiny cheap lamps with the cloak of luxury, high end design.

This blogger was celebrating her birthday, apparently she woke up with a topknot bun on her head, and had a lovely breakfast spread that was colour coordinated to her home decor with the Moet label turned to face the camera. So lucky!

Type in "Hermes Avalon Blanket" to pinterest and read the gushing captions

"Hermes Blanket - a must have (in my dreams)"
"so Classy!"
I loved this image of the stiffly draped blanket on the chair dead centre in the image.

Rather than paying $6,320 for a blanket, I'd suggest putting the money into better quality lamps/ the furniture in the room/ a decent rug/ some art/ your mortgage (or getting one in the first place if you're renting) instead of something you'll spill your cup of tea on and that the dogs will lounge around on when you leave the house for the day.

If I see another magazine spread with a carefully folded Avalon blanket- on- sofa in an otherwise ordinary interior/ or instagram photo of a nursery in a suburban brick veneer house with the $2,000 baby version folded over the cot I shall scream.

Baby version

It's not exceptional design, it doesn't trick anyone into thinking you're a multimillionaire, it doesn't make your Ikea sofa more comfortable because it has a cashmere blanket artfully propped on it…

No expensive blanket could save this room

While The Blanket no doubt came to prominence due to being used in very high end interiors where the fact that the interior also featured lacquered walls, custom made upholstery in fine quality fabrics, and original art that all combined to give the room a feel of substance and quality… it somehow has been misinterpreted by people who have honed in on the blanket and decided that if they put that into their house and skip the rest it will magically transform into a high end interior too.

So before you buy your $6,320 blanket to impress on your friends that you have more taste and money than them, think about what it might impress on a few others - that you (or your dog) are in fact lounging on a modern day version of The Emperors New Clothes. Although I suppose at least it will keep you warm when you can't afford to turn the heating on.

All images via Pinterest by typing in "Hermes Blankets"
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